The Company

This facility represents the continuity of a long generational path started by the grandparents and great uncles.

It took on its present form in 2000 and since then has sought to developall of its potential.

Refosco Extra DryOver the years the proprietors, assisted by the irreplaceable contribution of the parents (Aligi in the fields and Alba in the kitchen) and driven by the desire to augment the offering have started up agro-turism with food and lodgings.

With regard to the wine production, the business, where also Russian is spoken, in respectfor localspecialities and by pursuing improvements can now rely on a wide commercial offer of quality.

The Doc wines in bottled are: Friulano, Verduzzo Friulano, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Refosco Nostrano and Charmat Method Spumante (from Refosco grapes).